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Nullo Internal Deodorant

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Body Odor

"I work out a lot, but I can't go to the gym. I used to smell so bad from my body odor that it made me too uncomfortable to be around women. After taking Nullo, I noticed a change within days. I've seen an even bigger change in my self-esteem. I just renewed my yearly membership to the local gym. Thank you." - T.S.

"This product is great for eliminating all body odor. It is also a better value than buying Chlorophyll capsules from other retailers." - E.A.

"I use the product to reduce B.O. and it works excellently. I have tried at least 4 other brands of chlorophyll (but not Body Mint b/c it's too expensive), and this one is best of all. Other products have irritated my stomach (DeSouza's), caused me to burp alfalfa flavor (World Organics), or just not reduced odor (Chlorofresh). Nullo is awesome!..." - J.T.P.

Foot Odor

"My wife used to complain when I would take my shoes off after a long day at work. In fact, she has thrown out probably eight pairs of shoes. After taking your product, the only thing that was thrown out was the foot odor. Thank you Nullo for saving my feet and my wallet." - J.E.

Bad Breath

"My boyfriend and I love to sleep in on the weekends. Only one problem. Morning breath! After taking Nullo, we have both noticed that even without brushing, our breath was not unpleasant in the mornings. This allows us to stay in longer and thats always a good thing. Thanks." - M.M.

"My dentist recommended Nullo to me for bad breath back in 1955. I've been taking one pill in the morning ever since. On a scale from 1-10, I rate Nullo a 10. It does a great job!" - N.T.


“Would definitely buy again.  Long-Lasting - It works great for me and my 92 year old mom. I’m Really impressed. Will try it on my dog!  Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.” - I.N.

"I am so excited about this product. After using Bodymint for 3 1/2 years, I found this on It is the exact same ingredient and the same strength for about half the price of Bodymint. Very pleased! " - anon

“So glad I found it on the internet. This stuff has been sold for over 40 years by pharmacies and is the real deal... " - W.T.

Really impressed. Will try it on my dog! - C.G.

"I have been taking one Nullo caplet everyday for over 40 years for personal hygiene. On a scale of 1- 10 I would give Nullo a 10. When I first started taking Nullo, it only took 2 days before I could see some results. It really has changed my life for the better! Thanks Nullo." - H.L.

Pet Odors

"My dog loves to roll around in all kinds of things. I can't stop her from becoming dirty but I can stop the smells that linger on after her bath. After giving her Nullo, I noticed a change in her smell and it has also cleared the bad breath. Thank you Nullo and keep up the great work." - R.B.

"I wanted to write and let you know how I am using your product "Nullo" in my veterinarian practice. I use it on dogs with skin disorders that give off an offensive odor. I use it twice daily and have had good results. In my uses, I have found Nullo safe and effective, by controlling odors in my canine patients." - Dr. E.H.A.

Sexual Appeal

"I recently started using your product, Nullo Internal Deodorant tablets. I would just like to say thank you. They work wonders! Before, my boyfriend used to complain, but now, our sex life has improved tremendously..." - A.L.



"I shot this deer with a muzzleloader after eating Nullo for about 4 days. He walked within 50 feet of me and never knew I was around. Eight points and 150 pounds. All I can say is WOW! Thanks Nullo!" - W.W.

Colostomy / Gastric

"I discovered Nullo about six months ago and have been very pleased with the product. I am a colostomy patient and Nullo really helps out with blocking the odors associated with this condition. One caplet in the morning and one in the evening are all I need. Nullo is especially nice when traveling." - C.M.L.

"I am a post-bariatric patient of 10 (Distal Gastric Bypass) years. The product works to improve flatulence and bathroom odors, however I have to use about 6-10 tablets per day minimum to see the results. This being the case for me, I go through two 135 count bottles per month. I would highly recommned this product to any other bariatric patient as well (Distal Gastric Bypass)" - N.L.

Personal Hygiene

"I have been taking Nullo for 10 years now for a variety of reasons. Incontinence, personal hygiene and bad breath. All I do is take one caplet in the morning and one in the evening. It does a great job. I wouldn't leave home without it." - J.T.

"Back in the 60's, a friend of mine had a colostomy bag, and told me about Nullo. I've been using Nullo ever since for personal hygiene and bad breath. I usually take one a day when needed. I've tried several other products, but for over 40 years I've yet to find anyting to compare with Nullo. It's simply the best. Thanks Nullo!" - N.O.

"I've tried other products like Devrom etc with not allot of luck. This one actually works. I don't hesitate to recommend." - anon

"I took this stuff for a couple of weeks before it started working, but once it kicked in I found this stuff to be amazing! No more bad breath problems - no more offensive BO at the gym. The price is great too... compared to that Bodymint stuff this product is a steal - same active ingredients for less than half the price - 135 100mg caps!" - C.M.

"These work wonders. I was skeptical at first, but was nicely surprised to find they work. It did take about two weeks of taking them regularly to see any change. But now I am odor free even after a long workout. You do however need to make sure you take them regularly as directed on the bottle. I highly recommend!" - anon